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How to Use Facebook Lead Ads

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Every business owner struggles with growing their mailing list. Whether it's in the beginning or when they are trying to reach a new audience.

Even those who own big lists see a decline in subscriber action over time. Some subscribers opt-out. Some change their email addresses without updating their information. Some simply are no longer interested in what is being taught.

No matter where you are in your list building efforts, it's vital to keep a steady flow of new people coming to your list.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by using Facebook Lead Ads. It is not hard and it doesn't have to be expensive to be successful.

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Lesson 1: Facebook Lead Ads 101
 The best practices and uses for Facebook lead ads
 Step-by-step how to set up your ads
 How to use the reporting feature to track your ad success

Lesson 2: Targeting for Rapid Growth
Getting to know your niche and target audience
 The incredibly large targeting options offered by Facebook
How to use the Facebook Insights feature to better target your audience

Lesson 3: Facebook Lead Ad Automation
How automation can improve your lead generating abilities
How to set up integrations so your audience is automatically added to your mailing list
How to use Zapier to add more functionality to your lead ad campaigns

Lesson 4: Retargeting for Rapid Growth
How to set up your tracking pixel
How to create custom events so you can track what actions your visitors are taking
Tips and best practices for retargeting your audience to get them to act

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